P&G Donates 9,500 Lbs of Personal Care items

As a brand, P&G  is committed to Doing What’s Right with a focus on sustainability, community impact, gender equality and diversity inclusion. Nearly 5 billion people around the world use their products and they are one of the most socially responsible companies.

P&G is helping communities across Canada through their donations with Brands For Canada. Last month, they donated 17 skids containing 9,500 Lbs of personal care items. Through our partner agencies across the country, these items will be distributed to families in need.

Thank you P&G for Being A brand For Canada!

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Children are smiling and drinking water


The power of clean water

In a world where nearly a billion people struggle to get clean drinking water, P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program provides clean water to those who need it most. Their purification packet broke new ground simply by giving children a way to make dirty water drinkable.

Each P&G water purification packet treats 10 litres of water by effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, parasites, and solid materials. In just 30 minutes, a family of five can have clean drinking water for an entire day.

P&G water purification process

Since 2004, P&G has delivered more than 13 billion litres of clean water with a goal of 15 billion by 2020.