United Hearts Program Expanding Across Canada

Our United Hearts program is expanding across Canada and uniting the key sectors of our communities, schools, colleges, universities, charities, government, media, and brands. We

Bluenotes Donates 2,700 Lbs

Thank you Bluenotes for donating  3 skids of clothing last month, totalling 2,700 Lbs. Bluenotes has been a proudly Canadian company since 1942, with the

Suitsupply Donates 10,000 Lbs

Thank you Suitsupply for donating 20 skids last month totalling 10,000 Lbs in new goods. Suits are an integral part of our Suitable Impressions program,

Indigo Donates 500 Lbs

Thank you Indigo! Last month they donated 500 Lbs of new goods that will be delivered to our partner agencies across Canada and distributed to

H&M Donates 11,000 Lbs

Thank you H&M for donating 11,000 Lbs of clothing & accessories last month. Their donations will go to help Canadians in need through our charity

Bell Donates 3,573 Lbs of Clothing

Thank you Bell Canada! Last month the company donated 5 skids of clothing and accessories totalling 3,573 Lbs. All items will be processed at our

Bell Canada Donates 250 Lbs Backpacks

Thank you Bell Canada for donating 250 Lbs of backpacks last month! Their Backpacks for Kids program began in Eastern Canada in 2003. Since the Backpacks