Air Canada Donates 20,000 Lbs

Thank you Air Canada for donating 20,000 Lbs of uniforms to our warehouse. We are able to process the uniforms, remove logos, and provide them to

Bluenotes Donates 1,200 Lbs of Clothing

Thank you Bluenotes for donating 1,200 lbs of clothing last month. Their donations will be distributed to those in need across the country, through our #Unitedhearts For

TJX Donates 4,500 Lbs

Last month, TJX Companies donated 4,500 Lbs of clothing, accessories, and housewares. TJX operates Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls in Canada, where you’ll find a great selection

Mendocino Donates 1,000 Lbs

Thank you, Mendocino for donating 2 skids last month, totaling 1,000 Lbs.  Mendocino recently closed their brick & mortar stores after 33 years and will

Northern Reflections Donates 500 Lbs

Northern Reflections has been a staple in comfortable Canadian womenswear since the 1980s.  Their corporate social responsibility is part of their business from the paper

Yorkdale Donates 300 Lbs of Clothing

Thank you Yorkdale for donating 300 Lbs of new clothing last month. Donations received are distributed to Canadians in need through our programs including the

Aritzia Donates 2,000 Lbs

Thank you Aritzia for donating four skids of new clothing last month, totaling 2,000 Lbs. These items will be sorted at our warehouse and distributed

TJX Donates 4,000 Lbs of Clothing

In Canada, TJX Companies operate Winners, Marshalls, and Homesense. They are the leading off-price apparel and home fashion retailer worldwide Last month TJX donated 4,000

H&M Donates 3,000 Lbs

Thank you H&M for donating 3,000 Lbs last month! Their donation is processed at our warehouse and distributed to Canadians in need across the country. If