Mizuno Donates 500 Lbs

At Mizuno, they pride themselves in the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports. Last month, the brand donated 500 Lbs of athleticwear and

Real Sports Apparel Donates 25 Lbs

Thank you Real Sports Apparel for donating 5 boxes of clothing last month! Real Sports Apparel is the authentic store of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors, Marlies,

Bluenotes Jeans Donates 1,800 Lbs

Bluenotes is your destination for top-quality graphic tees, jeans, sweaters, dresses, and more. Last month, they donated 1,800 Lbs of clothing & accessories. Through our United

Northern Reflections Donates 820 Lbs

Sending a thank you to Northern Reflections for donating two skids last month totalling 820 Lbs! Their donation will be processed at our warehouse, and then distributed

Aritzia Donates 650 Lbs of Clothing

Last month, Aritzia donated 6,500 Lbs of items to our warehouse. Through our United Hearts for Canada program, these items will be donated to Canadians in need. Thank you Aritzia!

Mendocino Donates 650 Lbs

M Boutique (Mendocino) is Toronto’s go-to Women’s Fashion Boutique for on-trend looks, specializing in dresses for any occasion. Last month, the Canadian company donated 640

New Era Donates 600 Lbs

Thank you New Era Canada for donating 600 Lbs of new items last month! Their donation will be distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada

Sportables Fine Clothing Donates 350 Lbs

Thank you Sportables Fine Clothing for donating 350 Lbs of new clothing last month. Many of these items will be distributed to job seekers through our Suitable Impressions employment

H&M Canada Donates 9,500 Lbs

Thank you H&M Canada for donating 32 skids of new items last month, totalling 9,500 Lbs! Through our United Hearts for Canada program, we will provide on the ground

The Diva Cup Donates 3 Skids

Last month The Diva Cup donated 3 skids of new products. As a company, Diva Cup is committed to environmental stewardship, gender equality, empowerment, and liberation. We appreciate their

World Vision Canada Donates 3,000 Lbs

For the past 65 years, World Vision Canada has been helping children and families, empowering people to rise out of poverty. Last month, the organization donated 3,000