Northern Reflections Donates 1,560 Lbs of Clothing

Last month, Northern Reflections donated 1,560 Lbs of clothing and accessories. We’re grateful for their ongoing support! Northern Reflections clothing is thoughtfully designed everyday fashion,

Preloved Donates 1,000 Lbs

Preloved is a Toronto based company, a pioneer of redesigned vintage! They hand-pick quality vintage clothing, deconstructed it and give new life to one-of-a-kind garments. Inspirational

Gap Canada Donates 1,050 Lbs

Last month, GAP donated 1,050 Lbs of new clothing, accessories, and shoes. We appreciate their ongoing support! These items will be distributed to Canadians in

M Boutique Donates 500 Lbs

Thank you, M Boutique! Last month the GTA store donated 500 Lbs of new clothing. Through our United Hearts for Canada national donation program, these

The Rhema Foundation Donates 300 Boxes

Thank you to the Rhema Foundation for donating 300 boxes of children’s toys last month totalling 420 Lbs. Through our United Hearts for Canada program,

L’Oreal Canada Donates 400 Lbs

This past August, L’Oreal Canada Canada donated 400 Lbs of Revitalift products. L’Oreal has been committed to a world without animal testing for over 30 years,

Proctor & Gamble Donates 67,000 Lbs

Last month, Proctor & Gamble donated 67,000 Lbs of liquid handsoap to our warehouse in Toronto. Through our United Hearts program, these items will be