Hanes Donates 4 Skids

Thank you Hanes Canada for donating 4 skids of new items last month, allowing us to help the 1 in 7 Canadians living below the poverty line.

H&M Donates 15,000 Lbs

Thank you H&M Canada for donating 15,000 Lbs of new clothing items last month! This donation will be sorted at our warehouse and distributed to schools and

Redken Canada Donates 200 Lbs

Thank you Redken Canada for donating 200 Lbs of shampoo & conditioner last month. Through our United Hearts for Canada donation program, we’ll be distributing

TJX Donates 1,500 Lbs

Thank you TJX Group of Companies for donating 1,500 Lbs of new clothing last month totalling 4 skids! These items will be donated to Canadians in need

Thank You Girl Guides Volunteers

At Brands for Canada, we know how important it is to connect with our community. Last week, we invited Girl Guides to assist us with

Bluenotes Jeans Donates 7 Skids

Thank you Bluenotes for donating 7 skids last month. Bluenotes is a Canadian retailer for top-quality graphic tees, jeans, sweaters, dresses, and more! These items will

Ikea Donates 1 Skid of Recycling

Thank you IKEA Canada (Mississauga) for donating 1 skid last month. These items will be sent to be converted at our recycling facility. We are

TJX Canada Donates 3,000 Lbs

Last month, TJX Canada donated 7 skids of toys and clothing totalling 3,000 Lbs. At TJX, their mission is to deliver great value to customers

Diva Cup Donates 4,000 Lbs

Thank you Diva Cup for donating 4,000 Lbs of clothing, bags, and shampoo last month. These items will be distributed to Canadians in need through our

KOTN Donates 350 Lbs

Kotn is a certified B Corp. with a mission to create lasting products, timeless design, and enduring quality. Last month, the brand donated 10 boxes of

Bluenotes Donates 4,800 Lbs of Clothing

Last month, Bluenotes donated 4,800 Lbs of new clothing for us to distribute to Canadians in need through our programs. Bluenotes currently operates 120+ stores