CIBC Donates 1,500 Lbs

Thank you CIBC for donating 1,500 Lbs last month. Through its sustainability efforts, CIBC is contributing to a more secure, equitable, and sustainable future for

Bluenotes Donates 2,000 Lbs

Last month, Bluenotes Jeans donated 2,000 Lbs of clothing accessories. Thank you! Bluenotes has been a proudly Canadian company since 1942 (the original store was called Thrifty’s

Moore’s Clothing Donates 12 Skids

Last month, Moores Clothing donated 12 skids of new clothing. We are grateful for their ongoing support! Their donation will be sorted at our warehouse and distributed

Aritzia Donates 5 Skids

Thank you Aritzia for donating 5 skids of clothing last month. At Aritxzia, all the clothes are thoughtfully designed and exceptionally everything, bringing you everyday luxury. Shop

Zara Toronto Donates 20 Skids

Thank you Zara Toronto for donating 20 skids last month! Through our United Hearts for Canada program, these items will be donated to Canadians in need. United Hearts for

L’Oreal Canada Donates 1,600 Lbs

L’Oreal Canada recently demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the community by donating a generous amount of 1,600 Lbs of personal care items to

Mitzvah Knitters Donate 70 Lbs

Sending a huge and WARM thank you to Mitzvah Knitters for their 70 Lbs donation of winter accessories. The MItzvah Knitters make everything from baby

The TJX Companies Donate 4,050 Lbs

Thank you to The TJX Companies Inc. for donating 4,050 Lbs of clothing, accessories, and home essentials last month. All items will be sorted at

Zara Mississauga Donates 12,000 Lbs

Thank you Zara Canada (Mississauga Location) for donating 12,000 Lbs of new clothing last month, totaling 24 skids. Through our United Hearts for Canada program,