Justice Fund Donates New Running Shoes

Recently, Justice Fund Toronto donated hundreds of pairs of new running shoes to Brands for Canada to be distributed to Toronto youth & families through

Bluenotes Donates 1,100 Lbs of Clothing

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support & donations from Bluenotes! Last month they delivered 1,100 Lbs of new clothing items to our warehouse. Bluenotes has consistently

Bluenotes Donates 300 Lbs of Clothing

Last month, Bluenotes donated 400 Lbs of new items that will be distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program. Bluenotes is a Canadian

VistaPrint Donates 6,000 Lbs

A big Brands For Canada thank you to VistaPrint, the marketing and design partner to millions of small businesses, for donating an estimated 6,000 Lbs.

A.D. Hennick & Associates Donates 300 Lbs

A.D. Hennick & Associates specializes in buying excess inventory while protecting distribution channels for brands. Last month, they donated 300 Lbs of kid’s accessories and

Moore’s Clothing Donates 4,000 Lbs

Moore’s Clothing is Canada’s leading retailer for men’s business attire and suits. Established in 1980, Moore’s now has over 100 stores across the country. Last month,

Bluenotes Donates 350 Lbs of Clothing

In October, Bluenotes donated 40 bags of new clothing totaling 350 Lbs. We are grateful for their ongoing support. These items will be sorted at our warehouse