Watch INTERSECT Documentary

In 2014, Ryerson University fashion student Emilia Dallman Howley captured a series of interviews with thought-leaders whose work investigates the role of business ethics in a time of profound ecological stress, through the lens of the fashion industry’s accountability for its part in climate change.

The film’s interview subjects include Roger Martin, Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, ethical branding specialist/’s CEO Philip Haid, and Ryerson University history of fashion professor and ethicist Alison Matthews David.

Emilia Dallman Howley is a Canadian transplant now living in San Francisco. By day she is a Product Designer at Facebook and steering member of Women of Facebook Design. By night she enjoys most of what HBO has to offer and her collection of adult colouring books. Emilia’s epic piece (over 900 likes on Medium) on design and the career pressures on designers (fashion or digital) is Imposter-Syndrome.