We greatly appreciate the ongoing support & donations from Bluenotes! Last month they delivered 1,100 Lbs of new clothing items to our warehouse.

Bluenotes has consistently offered their customers the latest denim fits, washes and styles, maintaining their reputation as one of the top denim retailers in Canada.

These items will be sorted, packaged, and distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program.

In October, Bluenotes donated 40 bags of new clothing totaling 350 Lbs. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

These items will be sorted at our warehouse and distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program.

Last month, Periphery Clothing donated 400 Lbs of new clothing. Periphery is a Canadian brand that designs and manufactures effortless, timeless, relevant clothing. We appreciate their ongoing support!

Through our United Hearts for Canada national donation program, these items will be given to Canadians in need.

M Boutique (Mendocino) is Toronto’s go-to Women’s Fashion Boutique for on-trend looks, specializing in dresses for any occasion.

Last month, the Canadian company donated 640 Lbs of items for recycling. Their donation will be processed at our recycling facility.

Thank you Sportables Fine Clothing for donating 350 Lbs of new clothing last month. Many of these items will be distributed to job seekers through our Suitable Impressions employment program. To learn more about this program or get involved, please visit this page.

Since 1979, Sportables Fine Clothing Ltd. has been one of the pre-eminent wholesale importers and distributors of unique, high-quality clothing appropriate for the best Canadian speciality stores.

Thank you Bluenotes for donating 2,000 Lbs of new clothing last month. We are grateful for the support of Canadian brands, helping us to provide on-the-ground donations through our United Hearts for Canada program.

Thank you Redken Canada for donating 200 Lbs of shampoo & conditioner last month. Through our United Hearts for Canada donation program, we’ll be distributing their products to Canadians in need.

Learn more about Redken’s ‘Empowerment through hair’ initiative, placing a spotlight on diverse minority groups and celebrating their uniqueness and beauty.

Thank you IKEA Canada (Mississauga) for donating 1 skid last month. These items will be sent to be converted at our recycling facility. We are dedicated to helping the environment and making sure unused goods from brands do not go to waste.



Last month, H&M Canada donated 11,500 Lbs of clothing and accessories. The 20 skids of items will be processed by our recycling facility.

Today, less than 1% of the materials used to make clothes get recycled each year. This means that thousands of tons of textiles end up in landfills. By reusing or recycling fashion, we can turn that around. The H&M Garment Collecting program has been in place since 2013 with recycling boxes in H&M stores across the globe. To learn more about their sustainability efforts, please visit their website.

Thank you Moore’s for donating 23 skids of menswear last month totaling 11,500 Lbs. These items will be distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada national donation program and our Suitable Impressions employment program.

Suitable Impressions is a one-day, pre-employment program that offers knowledge and resources to job-seekers on the Ontario Works program. This workshop includes key topic areas such as appropriate work attire, body language, mindset, confidence building, stress management, and financial literacy training.

Today, more than ever, takes confidence. To lead, to care for one another, to do the right thing. So we can all get back to the things we love. Let’s all do our part. And tomorrow can look even better. – Moores