Thank you Levi’s for donating 2,500 Lbs of new clothing & accessories last month. These items will be sorted at our warehouse and distributed across the country to Canadians in need.

Levi’s sustainability plans and partnerships are focused on three main pillars: climate, consumption and community. They’re not shy about confronting the clothing industry’s effect on the planet. If you’re interested to learn more, check out their Sustainability Report.

Recently, Justice Fund Toronto donated hundreds of pairs of new running shoes to Brands for Canada to be distributed to Toronto youth & families through our community partners.

Smiling faces! Toronto youth at @projectfword receive boxes of brand new shoes donated to BFC by @justicefundto. 👟👟

Justice Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting communities in conflict with the law. The organization is built on the belief that when provided with opportunities to thrive, under-resourced communities become less violent, thus breaking the cycle of conflict.

Northern Reflections is an iconic lifestyle & apparel brand dedicated to making women look and feel confident, beautiful, and incredible. Their clothing is designed in Canada by women and their ongoing commitment to people, the planet, and products strengthens over time.

Last month, Northern Reflections donated 900 Lbs of new clothing and accessories which will be distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program. We appreciate their ongoing support!

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support & donations from Bluenotes! Last month they delivered 1,100 Lbs of new clothing items to our warehouse.

Bluenotes has consistently offered their customers the latest denim fits, washes and styles, maintaining their reputation as one of the top denim retailers in Canada.

These items will be sorted, packaged, and distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program.

Thank you Hanes for donating 16 skids of youth clothing totalling 6,400 Lbs. These items will be donated to families across the country through our United Hearts for Canada national program. Check out their wide range of comfortable basics for adults and children at

Thanks to the wonderful team at Mitzvah Knitters for donating 6 bags of hand-knit accessories last month. Their donation will be keeping kids and adults nice and warm this winter! 🧶

Mitzvah Knitters is an ongoing group that meets twice a month and makes everything from baby blankets, hats, chemo caps, premie caps, and all of their creations go to people in need.

Through our United Hearts for Canada program, all items will be delivered to Canadians in need across the country.

Thank you to TJX Canada for donating over 16,000 Lbs of new clothing, accessories, and toys last month! 🧸 Through our #UnitedHearts for Canada program, these new items will be distributed to families in need across the country.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support from TJX Canada, the leading retailer of Marshalls Canada Winners & Homesense Canada.

Last month, Bluenotes donated 400 Lbs of new items that will be distributed to Canadians in need through our United Hearts for Canada program.

Bluenotes is a Canadian “lifestyle” clothing brand. Bluenotes currently operates 120+ stores in Canada, across all major provinces, and it includes an online store. 

A big Brands For Canada thank you to VistaPrint, the marketing and design partner to millions of small businesses, for donating an estimated 6,000 Lbs. of goods, including coats, sweaters, toques, and backpacks to Canadian families across the country.

These goods, including coats, sweaters, toques, and backpacks, are shipped through our BFC network of over 180 charities and community partners to reach families in need. We are grateful for VistaPrint’s incredible 2023 donations that have made a huge impact to our Canadian communities and our environment.

A.D. Hennick & Associates specializes in buying excess inventory while protecting distribution channels for brands. Last month, they donated 300 Lbs of kid’s accessories and clothing that will be distributed across the country through our United Hearts for Canada program.

Thank you for the support!