United Hearts For Canada is now LIVE across the country, a Brands For Canada national donation program, we have expanded our partnerships with school boards, colleges, and universities to reach thousands of students and families. New partnerships with George Brown College, Seneca, Ryerson University, University Of Toronto, Humber College, Windsor School Boards, Vancouver School Board, this expansion will reach millions of Canadian Students and families. ⠀

The United Hearts program will be working closely with school ambassador teams from business operations, to fashion, marketing and comms volunteers. The United Hearts ambassadors are sharing great sustainable stories to let their communities know to support the brands that care. ⠀

Our message is simple, “support your community and your community will support you”. ⠀

Wuxly Movement, formerly Wully Outerwear, is an ethical lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures Canadian made outerwear-primarily Parka Jackets, Vegan Winter Coats, Warm Winter Jackets for Women and Men. Their Live Warm Trade Up program allows people to trade in their lightly used fur trim or down-filled parka and receive a credit towards a Wuxly Parka.


The program was to originally run for the month of October and they have extended it indefinitely.  Winter jackets received by Wuxly Movement will gladly be re-distributed to homeless shelters throughout Canada, in an effort to help those in need live a little warmer. Fur from received jackets will be extracted from traded in jackets and donated to animal rehabilitation centres for use in wildlife recovery.

For more information on the program or Wuxly products, visit wuxly.ca.

Last night the Brands for Canada team was at Toronto City hall for the Startup Fashion Week (SFW) preview party. We have been the charity partner since the inaugural event in 2014. Startup Fashion Week is a not-for-profit event production founded in Toronto by Jodi Goodfellow.

SFW takes place in Montreal September 3 to 15 and Toronto October 16 to 20.

This year Brands for Canada will be hosting the Eco Forum. We’ll be sure to keep you posted about tickets and timetables as they come available.

For more information on Startup Fashion Week visit startupfashionweek.com and follow @startupfashionweek on Instagram.

Yesterday in partnership with New Balance Canada, Brands for Canada and Finance Minister Sousa visited Gerard Family Resource Centre to donate 100 pairs of new shoes to local children. In case you’re not familiar, there’s a tradition with Minsters of Finance to wear or purchase new shoes on budget day.  The Gerard Family Resource Centre is an organization supporting children, parents, and caregivers in the community.

Minister Sousa and his wife Zenny helped the children pick out various sizes from ~100 pairs of New Balance footwear. 



Minister Sousa will be wearing his own ‘New Balance’ shoes as he delivers the budget today in Ontario. He is set balance the budget with a promise for new childcare funding and affordable housing among other items.

Follow MPP & Finance Minster @SousaCharles on Twitter for updates from today’s budget announcement and NewBalance Canada on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

New Budget, New Balance, New Shoes!


Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Today we’re launching a video which highlights our vision for a sustainable world where surplus goods are purposefully used, and poverty and inequality can be eliminated. This is our 25th year and we are proud to have helped over 1.2 million Canadians!

We’re lucky to be part of a sustainable generation who approach the world with a mindset to create a sustainable society.  By working together, environment and business can truly become circular.

This video was made with the work of hundreds of people to shine a spotlight on how Brands For Canada is fighting poverty through sustainable action. Thank you to all the artists and athletes involved. We want to draw attention to how communities, people, artists, brands, and businesses can unite for a better world! 🌎

Connect with us and join the movement.

Tonight in Toronto Bon Jovi takes the stage at Air Canada Centre. Will you be there? We checked in with Phil X, lead guitar for Bon Jovi via social media to see what he was up to!

Earlier this year Phil X donated one of his favourite guitars to our United Hearts Gala. The gala raised money for our United Hearts program to provide basic essentials Canadians living below the poverty line in Ontario.

@stevesmusic Toronto. i played/toured with this guy, John Bouvette, in my first “real” gig back in ’87-’89 (?). still one of the most musical drummers i’ve ever played with.

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Phil’s custom guitar was in the United Hearts Live Auction and went for $3,000 helping us raise $150,000 in total.

Phil, thank you for supporting Brands For Canada and we hope the show goes great tonight! Follow him on Instagram at @philx111!

Thank you to TD for their ongoing volunteer support. The TD team have been one of our largest corporate volunteer day supporters, their help with sorting, preparing and packaging donated goods ready to ship to families in need has been much appreciated by all the agency partners we serve. TD is an inspiration to all corporations and organization to get involved and we believe they are a great Brand For Canada. Thank you BFC team.

Want change in your community? Then win/win: spend your money where your values are. Great style, great deals that serve the heart of our community—because every transaction gives back. Want change in your community? Then win/win: spend your money where your values are. Great style, great deals that serve the heart of our community—because every transaction gives back